Un-restored Dump Wagon

The picture above is one of the last Watson wagons known to be in existence. It is very badly weathered and must be restored before it can be put on public display. We would also be interested in any other Watson Wagon or memorabilia that may still be in existence.

Watson Dump Wagon

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It is devoted to the Watson Dumping Wagon that was developed in Stratford, NY by David S. Watson. As demand for these wagons increased Mr. Watson moved the operation to Canastota, NY where he became one of the largest employer in the area.

During World War 1 he delivered 15,000 wagons to the European effort in France.

We are interested in any information, stories and photographs that you think could be included in this effort. Please feel free to contact the page developer, John Middleton at jmiddleton@carolina.rr.com

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